HO Y6b?

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For the record, my layout is still served by my late-run Rivarossi Y6b #2174...
Lois J. Ponton
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As far as I can tell, Precision Scale (PSC) has not done a Y6b recently, nor ever offered one with sound. And if you found a PSC Y6b, it would probably cost four or five times the price of a BLI model.

Do you mean Precision Craft (PCM)?

The PCM and BLI models are the same thing - same tooling, etc. BLI appears to have dropped the PCM brand entirely, which appears to be a workaround of a contract with QSI. PCM models had LokSound decoders, the BLI Y6b has a BLI sound decoder. There are probably no new PCM Y6b models out there. The BLI one sounds great. I have not heard the PCM one.


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Any comments on the better HO Y6b for one to buy, BLI or Precision Scale?

Best sound, pulling etc?

Thanks for any replys.


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