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For lightweight cars in general Walthers 41-N-11 with clasp brakes are good. Same for S-1 and S-2 sleepers. Some of the Budd built S-1 had disc brakes. Walthers has them both ways. 8'6" wheel base is correct. Train Station Products #457 is 41-NP and is marketed as correct for N&W. This is a kit without wheelsets.

For the 1941 Pm coaches, IHC trucks are good. The sprung metal ones which retailed for about $20. These trucks are correct 9'0" wheel base for Pm.

For heavyweight cars Pullman 6 wheel trucks from several makers will work. Most are made with friction bearing journal boxes, so if you are modelling 1950's or later the roller bearing versions are more appropriate. IHC made the Pullman trucks in both friction and roller bearing versions.

Heavyweight 4 wheel trucks are more of a challenge. PRR style trucks from Walthers or Bethlehem Car Works resemble N&W trucks in profile, but not exact in detail. The 4 wheel trucks on the new Division Point imports look correct, but you would have to contact the importer to see if they are available seperately.

--Rick Morrison
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Does any one have any info on what available HO scale passenger trucks (Plastic or Brass) are matches or best matches for any N&W passenger trucks? Thanks!



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