need help in lubricating a BLI "A" class Loco

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Thu May 6 21:37:45 EDT 2010

Mark; Remove the little cover at the top of the boiler and there is a small
screw underneath (I know the rascal has a name but my steam loco
nomenclature is not near what it should be). Then remove the two screws
under the cab below the trailing truck and pop out the handrails on the rear
of the cab. I think that should get the "boiler" off. Be careful when lubing
the towers. the little plastic caps, particularly on the rear gear tower
tend to pop off and allow the gears to disengage or not mesh properly. That
may explain the noise you heard. Dan Mulhearn, lost in the 60s but do
occasionally run a "steam excursion" on the HO "Poky"

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