O Scale Passenger Car Decal Question

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I suspect that there are very few modelers doing serious O scale models
of the N&W (I'm not one), but that those few are serious enough to buy
a dozen cars' worth of your fine decals. There are serious question to
ask of them as to era, since the color and wording shifts.

Jeff Cornelius

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I recently introduced our HO and N Scale N&W Passenger Car decal set
and they have sold very well. My question is, is there a market for
these in O Scale? I have gotten one request so far to make them in O.
Just curious if the O Modelers would like to see this set produced. The
art is complete already and they could be available in as little as six
weeks. I would estimate the cost to be around $8.99 per set and they
would do one car.
Richard D. Shell
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