Accurate late steam era HO scale N&W freight car models?

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hello Aaron you and me both. I have started collecting freight cars as well. This is the way I started.
Walthers made a wooden 40' box car in the 80s.
Accurail has a 40' outside braced 40' box car
Roundhouse had a 40' standard and roundroof box cars
Bowser makes the round roof box car 40' and 50'
Accurail had a 40' double door box car kit
Roundhouse made a covered hopper kit
Athearn makes a 40' and 50' flat car
Athearn had done a 50' double door kit box car
Athearn made a 62' mill gondola a few years ago
Roundhouse made a 40' gondola one with 2 ribs on end and one with 3 ribs on end
Ulrich made a 40' composite side gondola
Walthers also made a 2 bay hopper, but it says H2a which is wrong
Athearn makes a larger covered hopper
Athearn makes a 2 bay peaked end hopper
Accurail makes a 2 bay hopper
Roundhouse made a 3 bay hopper Athearn will be rereleasing them in march yeah!! can't wait!
Bowser makes the 2 bay fishbelly hopper
and last the caboose kit is offered by AMB Laser kits.
just thought I'd share my info with you. tony putnam 
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Subject: Accurate late steam era HO scale N&W freight car models?
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This is my first post to the list, and I'm certain this question has been asked before, probably many times. However I have not seen an answer to it online, and as such I'm asking here, since I figure it's unlikely there's a group more knowlegable on the subject.
My question is, can anyone give me a list, or even just a few recomendations, of decently prototypically accurate HO scale models of late steam era N&W freight cars, preferably plastic kits, or RTR plastic, though craftsman kits are fine if there's no decent plastic alternative. I want to put togather a couple of N&W freight trains, one general freight, one a coal drag, and I need to know what reasonably priced options there are out there. I know almost nothing about what's available in the way of decently accurate models, asside from the bowser fishbelly 55 ton and the BLI H2a.
Any and all information you can give me, be it information on specific models, or a link to somewhere I can find this information, will be greatly appreciated.
-Aaron Falis
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