Anyone have a source for Athearn or MDC hoppers in HO

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I decided to forget the manufacturers for the most part. They just don't want to make correct N&W hoppers. I still think Lifelike blew it after producing the Y3, and NOT following it up with the HU and Hua hoppers that would have been perfect behind the Y3s. I plan to make parts and mold them and cast about 30-50 HU hoppers to supplement my Athern and Stewart 2 bays, and a few PRR/N&W 4bay jobs. I have a few HP hoppers from Westerfield, and like everybody else, ONE HR.

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I would love to find a large source of 55 or 70 ton hoppers. I have somewhere between 250-350 currently, but would like to get that number up around 500 for my next layout. I have been buying them on ebay and scouring Google but the going is slow. What about a custom run by either of these companies? I have not really kept up with the, but believe MDC was sold/discontinued?, and Athearn was bought by someone (Walthers?). I sure miss the days when I could pick them up for $4-8 each from the hobby shops. 150 $25 hoppers is not realistic. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Mark Lindsey
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