Streamlined K2 tender?

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What is the sheeting that hangs down on the LHS side of the K2's beneath the running board?


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To add to this discussion on K2 tender trucks here
is an image from the VA Tech collection of 122 when she looked
to be brand new at Roanoke Shops.

The previously posted photo of 129 is dated
02-04-46 so I would say the engine was newly streamlined in that

Here are photos from my collection, 129 at
Hagerstown 02-20-54, and 130, 131 same location, different date. Does
it look like the bearing boxes have been changed or the trucks replaced by this
time? I have also noticed that the spoked lead truck wheels on all the
K2's were replaced at some date. Can Ed King or Col Jeffries shed some
light on the changes?

--Rick Morrison
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