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You can change the whistle by CV 115 and the whistle volume by CV 129.

The only recording I have heard of the J's whistle revealed a very flat and dull sound so you may have the right sound, but it's not that good is it!

I changed mine to something far nicer by playing with the settings on CV 115.

Happy Christmas!

Barry Reeves
Songwriter & Musician

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Hey guy I just received a Bachmann tsunami equipped J # 606. My only problem is the whistle. it sounds lik Grumpy from The Land Of The Lost from the 1970s. is his whistle the right sound? tony

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Jim: All the BLI models have lagging but are painted graphite.

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2177 was the other Y6b that wasn't shrouded. If they were shrouded the smoke box was painted black. Only the front of the smoke box was painted a silvery heat resistant graphite paint.

Jim Williams
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