Broadway Limited N&W Y6b?

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Looking at pics on the net, it looks like they received lagging when they received the new smokebox doors. And they all appear black once lagged. I'm sure there were exceptions, as always. I did come across something interesting. A lot of brass appears to have gray smokebox sides. Wonder if they copied someone's model? I don't see any #2191 pics on Google/VT Imagebase/ database pics, etc....

from VT photos

Mike Rector

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As we speak the BLI N&W Paragon 2 Y6bs are being delivered.
Are the Y6b’s
boilers painted wrong {they are painted silver}.
I know that #2188
is the only one that did not get the lagging and had a silver smokebox.
It is my
understanding that the rest with lagging had a black smokebox.
Please let me
know if the BLI silver smokebox are correct or not.
Stephen Rineair

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