Pocahontas Glory 7

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Mon Dec 21 12:51:17 EST 2009

I just got my new volume in the series of N&W Greatness from Herron Rail. I can't believe they can still find such wonderful N&W movies for us to enjoy.
This one is as good as or better than the previous 6 volumes! What luck to see an A actually breakdown right before your eyes! Wow!! So much for them being prerfect. I kinda liked the doubleheaded K2s with one Pg coach. Now there's an overpowereed train for sure.
Perhaps the best part for me was seeing and HEARING the Jawn Henry running light and in pusher service (what else?). Much quieter than I imagined. Great horns.
Even a pair of Redbirds! Yeah!!!
For those of us into passenger equipment there are several rare shots of the elusive EF box express cars and MS3 mail storage cars. Lots of other passenger equipment too.
I know some will gripe about the B&W footage but although I prefer color seeing good B&W is also a treat.
Hope everyone enjoys their newest Pokey Glory DVD and has a very Merry Christmas!

Roger Huber
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