Ideas for mixing N&W tuscan red

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I've had great results with this recipe:

N&W Maroon (1925-1950)
2 parts Caboose red gloss( A 'part' is a full shot glass)
2 parts Tuscan Red gloss
5 drops Chrome silver
5 drops Gold
5 drops Poop Brown
4 drops Cub Yellow
11 drops Medium Purple Gloss

Armor Sand thinned 3 to 1 with lacquer thinner and very lightly
applied to the lower parts of the Passenger cars & Trucks for an
almost invisible particle of paint representing the traction sand.
Use 35-45 lbs of air pressure.

3/4 bottle small Testors Flat Black, adding in 15 drops of Armor Sand
to more closely represent coal soot. this is also applied at higher
than normal air pressure to get a spatter effect from the thicker
paints. Paint tops and ends of all the passenger cars. More on
baggage and mail/storage cars.

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the snow in the 1930's

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Subject: Ideas for mixing N&W tuscan red

Back a number of years ago there was an article in Railroad Model
about modernizing a Rivarossi coach and the author mentioned that he
two parts caboose red with one part tuscan red to make the tuscan red
on the model. I don't recall off hand what the type of paint was, but
was reported (for the time) as being a common mix used to create the
shade by some N&W modelers. Can anyone help me with this?

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