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As others have mentioned on this list, Athearn has released two A-B sets, covering all four road numbers, when combined. The first set has been discontinued and the second set can still be had, this is what Athearns website shows. Though discontinued, you still may be able to find the first set through a LHS. Keep in mind that the set has F7A's and not F9A's.

Personally, I would start kitbashing them with Highliner / Athearn Genesis F7B's and F9A's, becasue there are huge defference in NS' finished motors. Microscale has released decals for for this in both N and HO. The HO set number is 87-1272. It appears that the set will do two of the four units. It has enough lettering do do either two A's or two B's, but it does not appear to have enough striping to do all four units. Miscroscale does give paint recommendations in their decal sets. Like N&W Tuscan Red, Pennsy Maroon and Milwaukee Road Orange, Southern Imitation Aluminum is a subjective color.

Overland is also releasing the individual A's and B's ($890 ea and $725 ea respectively) and the full four unit set ($3,180) at some point in 2010. There are separate part numbers for the two A units and sub-divided part numbers for the B units. OMI uses the latter numbering system for multiple road numbers on common units, such as NS GE Dash 9's from a specific NS order, i.e. NS ES44AC's OMI P#AA-1450-1 though -5, there are 5 different road numbers. Point being is that OMI felt that the two A units were not the same and created different model numbers for two different units. Mr. Painter's unit history shows that info as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Russ Goodwin

Buford, GA

(Blt 1971, c/n 9)

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Mailing list:
What is the class number of NS's #4271? E-'something'?
Are they used in pairs, A-A (coupled tail to tail?) or A-B?
In the case of MU, does the 'set' have one engine number or different numbers?
Are there more images available?
Is more information available in one of the Society Books?

Modeling list:
What HO scale model(s) is a good starting point for this locomotive?
[Ducking for cover as I ask this] What are the colors and what paints could you recommend?

(image attached)

Dave Willis
(blt 1962, c/n 4)

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