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I'm not the only one to think this is the worst paint scheme in the collective history of all NS' former roads?

Mike Rector

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The subject locomotive is an F9A, EMD. It is part of a set NS uses for business and special trains. The other three are:
4271 F9A
4275 F7B (no cab)
4276 F7B (no cab)


These units are painted in a scheme very similar to the former Southern Railway F's.

Also to see the more info on each see:

Charlie Long

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>Mailing list:

>>What is the class number of NS's #4271? E-'something'?

>>Are they used in pairs, A-A (coupled tail to tail?) or A-B?

>>In the case of MU, does the 'set' have one engine number or different numbers?

>>Are there more images available?

>>Is more information available in one of the Society Books?



>>Modeling list:

>>What HO scale model(s) is a good starting point for this locomotive?

>>[Ducking for cover as I ask this] What are the colors and what paints could you recommend?


>>(image attached)


>>Dave Willis

>>(blt 1962, c/n 4)



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