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These are the NS business train units. There are 2 F-9PH's and 2 F-7B's. They were purchased by NS from the KCS in October of 2006. I did a bit of cut and paste with the history of the 4 units. Look at these sites for additional info and pics:

4270 - F9PH - Unit wears Southern Railway freight colors; ex-RPCX 101, exx-MARC 81, exxx-MDOT F9PH 7181, exxxx-MK 4580, exxxxx-B&O 4580, nee B&O F7A 937

4271 - F9PH - Unit wears Southern Railway freight colors; ex-RPCX 102, exx-MARC 85, exxx-MDOT F9PH 7185, exxxx-MK 4557, exxxxx-B&O 4557 (2nd), nee B&O F7A 947

4275 - F7B - Unit wears Southern Railway freight colors; ex-RPCX 201, exx-CGW 113D, exxx-C&NW 317, nee C&NW 410.

4276 - F7B - Unit wears Southern Railway freight colors; ex-RPCX 202, exx-CGW 114B, exxx-C&NW 318, nee C&NW 411

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA living in Russellville, AR

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Mailing list:
What is the class number of NS's #4271? E-'something'? F-9PH and F-&B
Are they used in pairs, A-A (coupled tail to tail?) or A-B? Usually. A-B-B-A
In the case of MU, does the 'set' have one engine number or different numbers? Different numbers. The train would be designated by the lead unit's number and or a Train Number.
Are there more images available? Look at the web pages provides or do an internet search.
Is more information available in one of the Society Books? I don't think so unless it's the NS Locomotive Roster book..

Modeling list:
What HO scale model(s) is a good starting point for this locomotive? There are a number of good F-7A and B's out there. If you could find undecorated Athearn Genesis units that would be my choice.
[Ducking for cover as I ask this] What are the colors and what paints could you recommend? Southern Ry black - grey - gold.......I'll say no more. They do always stay clean and glossy.

(image attached)

Dave Willis
(blt 1962, c/n 4)
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