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Gary and all. Southern began to use an expoxy paint with an overcoat in the 60's or early 70's with an expectancy of five years given that SRR used an acid type wash. All locos were scheduled to be washed on the 91 day inspections if not before. This info came to me from the Super of the Chattanooga paint shop prior to the merger. Cal Reynolds
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It's the pigment, guys, it's the pigment. And other additives of course. Black is black to start with. It's what the sun (UV rays) does with it that makes the changes, what we call weathering. When I worked for a mass-production sheet metal company here in Lynchburg, petro based Chinese Red was 10 bucks +/- per gallon off the shelf. STOP sign red was 90 per gallon and that was early '70's pricing!
Charlie Long

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He is right. I used to view ex-SOU and ex-N&W GP30’s on NS grain trains parked at Clare Yard in Cincinnati in the early 1990’s. While the N&W’s were a greenish-gray black that had a bunch of fading to a matte finish, the SOU’s tended to stay glossier and kinda blacker but the loco hood’s had a lot more rusting along the lower edges. And the N&W’s were earlier GP30 Phase 1’s and the Southerns were all Phase 2’s

Gary Rolih



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Don't laugh. Norfolk and Western's black actually faded to a different sheen than Southern's black. Southern faded to a richer black it that makes any sense.

Richard D. Shell

Troutville, VA

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What would be the nearest match for Virginian black. Smehow it must
be different to N&W black....

Peter North
Norfolk, England
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