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The just released Athearn SD-45's are really beautiful. They are Blue (somehow this note didn't send yesterday and ended up in my draft folder,,,,,,, since then others have identified the black/blue discrepancy) with yellow lettering and hamburger heralds as delivered by EMD. They have additional detail vs prior Athearn RTR SD-45's (I have 3 EL and 3 SOU Athearn RTR's) and the multi chime bi-directional air horn and firecracker antenna look and appear to be correctly located on the cab and high nose roof for N&W. These models also have hoses and details on the pilots as well as all collapsed all weather cab window components on the cab windows that are not on prior production Athearn RTR SD-45's. There are still no MU receptacles or drop steps.

These are great models. They look good and run well (as is the case with all the Athearn RTR units I own). Anybody need one? ......I somehow ended up with 2 of each number.

Ed Painter Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, AR

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Hi Lister's,

A few weeks ago at the Western Prototype Modelers meet ExactRail had this N&W boxcar on display, (see attached photos) Is this the car that has been discussed on the list lately and you guys want painted in blue? Sorry, I have no connection in getting them painted in blue. If any of you are interested I have a photo of BLMA's Top-Gon that I could post.

Of all the models on display it looked like NS/N&W were quite popular being right behind ESPEE (that's west coast for Southern Pacific), AT&SF/BNSF and UP. I don't remember seeing more than maybe three CSX models.

By the way Athearn just did the HH SD45's in Hamburger herald black. So far I've seen #1791 & 1797.

Take care, John Hecker

P/S: This is my first attempt at sending photos to the list.
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