ExactRail N&W Boxcar

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Thu Nov 12 20:21:14 EST 2009

Hi Lister's,

A few weeks ago at the Western Prototype Modelers meet ExactRail
had this N&W boxcar on display, (see attached photos) Is this the car that
has been discussed on the list lately and you guys want painted in blue?
Sorry, I have no connection in getting them painted in blue. If any of you
are interested I have a photo of BLMA's Top-Gon that I could post.

Of all the models on display it looked like NS/N&W were quite
popular being right behind ESPEE (that's west coast for Southern Pacific),
AT&SF/BNSF and UP. I don't remember seeing more than maybe three CSX

By the way Athearn just did the HH SD45's in Hamburger herald
black. So far I've seen #1791 & 1797.

Take care, John Hecker

P/S: This is my first attempt at sending photos to the list.

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