Walthers PS 10-6 Sleeper

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Dan Bourque wrote an excellent article in the Nov, 2009 issue of RMC on the IRR/CV Ext. It's more geared towards ex-IRR operations, but does discuss the N&W west of St. Paul.

Mine showed in the mail about 2 weeks ago. Issue has GN F units on the cover.


Russ Goodwin

Buford, GA

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Dan, which issue of Railroad Model Craftsman has the Interstate/Clinch Valley Line article ? The December issue is not yet at my local hobby shop.

Paul Mandelkern
Winter Park, FL

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Rick; Thanks for that reply. I know things did not always work out as intended and the sleepers ended up more places than they were intended. All this information will be worked into my 1968 era N&W Pocahontas Div operations. But wait, did you see the latest issue of Railroad Model Craftsman? How about that article on the Interstate and the N&W Clinch Valley line? Wow, maybe I won't need ANY passenger cars. Dan

Dan and Nina Mulhearn; Pipestem WV
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