Walthers PS 10-6 Sleeper

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The intended service for the S-2 sleepers may have been for the "New York" trains to alternate with Pennsy sleepers, but it didn't play out this way in the long run. After the 20 S-1 Budd sleepers came on line, it was N&W Budd sleepers just about 100% of the time. This is proved in photographic evidence and from personal observation at the time. The only time a Pennsy sleeper showed up on these trains was as a subsitute car or when a second 10-6 was needed.

--Rick Morrison
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The N&W S2 sleepers (10-6) were painted in PRR colors with twin pin stripes. They alternated on the "New York" trains with PRR "Rapids" series 10-6 sleepers. A simple solution is a set of N&W passenger decals and a Walthers PRR 10-6 sleeper. A little of your favorite brand of paint/decal remover and they look pretty good! Dan

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