N&W 60' Greenville cars? (NW Modeling List)

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Tue Nov 10 00:56:12 EST 2009

Maybe the modeling committee could contact Exact Rail and have them do the Greenville in the N&W blue scheme as a built up model (if this is the correct model?). If the committee doesn't want to, then I could contact them myself. Let me know one
way or the other.
Thanks Stephen


I don't now what your continual beef is with the modeling committee, but please build a bridge and get over it. You are accomplishing absolutely nothing by continually making asanine comments and snide remarks towards our members because you believe they aren't doing enough to satisfy you. If you'd like to come to the archives and spend several multi-day work sessions over several months finding all the appropiate information for one scheme on only one car, than by all means do so. Perhaps in doing so you'll get a small taste of what are members do do for manufacturers...

Robb Fisher


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