Walthers PS 10-6 Sleeper

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Thanks Roger. I e-mailed Joanne and received the response below within 24 hours.
Brian D.

Dear Mr. Dembinski:

Our New Product and Development Department always appreciates
suggestions from our customers. A copy of your suggestion will be shared
with them for consideration.

We were happy to hear you are pleased with the detail and
performance of our passenger cars. Thank you for taking the time to email


Customer Service

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I contacted Walthers via their website by clicking on Customer Service and then Contact Us.

The response I got from CS was from Joanne at this email address:

joannep at walthers.com

Hopefully enough people will ask that we can get them to change their minds about doing the S-2.

Roger Huber

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>Do you have a certain contact that you were using? If others are going to contact Walthers

>then we should probably coordinate our efforts by talking with the same person.



>Brian D.





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>I just got an email from Walthers. I had been in contact with them concerning the approaching HO model of the RF&P PS 10-6 model. I asked if they could also do them as N&W S-2 sleepers (Sussex County, Buchanan County & McDowell County) and the 3 L&N cars in the same plan 4140 series.


>They said their marketing & research dept didn't see any need for these paint schemes.


>I had planned to buy 4 or 5 and paint them myself for the N&W and a couple RF&P cars but would prefer to buy them RTR from Walthers. If anyone else would like these cars to be made available from them I would suggest you email, call or write and ask that they be made. Perhaps the marketing & research dept would make us happy!


>Roger Huber




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