Walthers PS 10-6 Sleeper

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Weren't both the N&W and RF&P cars painted in PRR Tuscan to match the PRR trains? Seems one of the RF&P cars was at Broad St Station in Richmond in the early 70's when I was in college near-by. If my memory serves me well I remember it being PRR Tuscan......... (or at least darker than N&W red). Can anyone validate the PRR Tuscan on the N&W and RF&P cars?

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA currently in Russellville, AR

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What color red will they use if we get them to do them? (smiley face!)

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I contacted Walthers via their website by clicking on Customer Service and then Contact Us.

The response I got from CS was from Joanne at this email address:

joannep at walthers.com<mailto:joannep at walthers.com>
Hopefully enough people will ask that we can get them to change their minds about doing the S-2.

Roger Huber

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Do you have a certain contact that you were using? If others are going to contact Walthers
then we should probably coordinate our efforts by talking with the same person.

Brian D.

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I just got an email from Walthers. I had been in contact with them concerning the approaching HO model of the RF&P PS 10-6 model. I asked if they could also do them as N&W S-2 sleepers (Sussex County, Buchanan County & McDowell County) and the 3 L&N cars in the same plan 4140 series.

They said their marketing & research dept didn't see any need for these paint schemes.

I had planned to buy 4 or 5 and paint them myself for the N&W and a couple RF&P cars but would prefer to buy them RTR from Walthers. If anyone else would like these cars to be made available from them I would suggest you email, call or write and ask that they be made. Perhaps the marketing & research dept would make us happy!

Roger Huber

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