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So DP IS going to do unpainted cars? I have emailed them several times asking about the possibility of getting some unpainted cars since the first mention of the cars on their website. They have never bothered to respond. I really would love to get at least one of each of their cars but I think the almost $500 a piece I've seen as list price is just plain crazy! I'm a firm believer in brass but I have to back off from a company that isn't interested in selling their stuff enough to respond to potential customers and who prices their items that high.
I also experienced the same lack of response from MTH about the impending Powhatan Arrow sets & cars. I WAS going to get 2 sets and about 10 extra D-1 and P-3 cars but now I'm not sure.
I know manufacturers are busy but I would think answering questions from someone wanting their products would be important to them. Maybe they don't need the money after all?
I guess I'll stick with my close-enough AHM, Rivarossi & Walthers cars and my Sunset PA sets.
My 2¢,
Roger Huber

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I would like to know if anyone would be interested in the Division Point passenger cars to be done in primer grey.
The cars would cost the same as fully painted (about $396.00), but you would have a choice of painting your own the way you like.
Stephen Rineair
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