Building an N&W WWII era layout

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Hi all,

My name is Kit Anderson and I am interested in building a WWII era layout of the N&W. I am not new to model railroading. Like many in the hobby, I started with Lionel as a kid and made the transition to HO when I was 12, I am now 53. Been involved with several clubs over the years including the last 20 years in a modular club but I am coming to a point in my life where I will be able to start working on a home layout. :) I often dream big but have trouble following thru. My house has a 15 by 25 room in it that was built for a layout. I am going to be starting to design an N&W layout and I joined your society to get some help on the details for the layout. Modeling a specific time period will help me lock down equipment and I like the WWII time period anyway and the military in general. I like long coal trains and plan on trying to work them into the layout.

Any suggestions or book references that you think would be a good place to start would be appreciated.

Hope to talk to you all more in the future! Thanks! Kit Anderson lordector at
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