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Sorry for the lag in providing you a reply. The Scalecoat paint is #14 Caboose Red (or 2014 for Scalecoat 2). Back in the early 70's I painted an ALCO Brass, PRR N-6B cabin car for my Dad. The cabin car came out very nicely. Dad and I both noted how the color really looked like it would be a good N&W Passenger Red too. (This pre-dated Scalecoat's release of their N&W Red.) I was doing a lot of painting at that time, brass and otherwise, and preferred Scalecoat over other available paints (and still do). Within the next couple of years I painted an Olympia Class-J of Dad's. I first sprayed the boiler and tender black followed by masking and spraying the Scalecoat #14 Red bands over the black. (The red on the J when compared to the N-6B was very similar in tent despite the fact that the #14 red was applied directly over the lacquered brass on the N-6B vs being sprayed over Scalecoat gloss black on the Class-J) Regardless I've used it since then as N&W Red on plastic and brass passenger cars to a NWSL N&W Dynamometer Car. I have been very pleased with it.

I did a little comparison of N&W Reds on some of my locomotives last night:

Sunset Class-J 604 - Factory Paint By far the lightest and brightest red of this group of models.
Olympia Class-J 606 (I painted for Dad w/#14 caboose red band) Darker than the Sunset 604 but a lighter, brighter, red that 600, 611, 603, and 612
Broadway Ltd. Class-J 600 (Gloss made in China )- Factory paint Almost a Merlot or Cabernet dark wine red tent but overall lighter than 611, 603, and 612. and darker than 606.
Key Class-J 611 )- Factory paint 611 to 603 to 612 progressively become deeper and darker reds with 612 being the deepest/darkest. *
Overland Class-J 603 )- Factory paint *
Broadway Ltd. Class-J 612 (flat finish made in Korea) )- Factory paint *

With all this I still personally like Scalecoat #14 Caboose Red best. I personally believe there is a range of acceptability in color and in my opinion all of the above fit into it with the possible exception of Broadway Ltd 600 from China……….( I do like dry Merlot and Cab………but not on a N&W Class-J or passenger car).

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA; living in Russellville, AR

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What is the Scalecoat item # for the PRR Tuscan Red that you use?

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So as we go in circles about what are the right shades for N&W colors and the ongoing problem with model manufactures using inconsistent colors when painting their models…………….

What I did back in the 70's when I was doing a lot of brass (and plastic) painting was to choose "my" N&W standard colors from available paints at that time. For N&W Red I used Scalecoat PRR #14 Caboose Red (Scalecoat wasn't producing N&W Red at that time) and for Pevler Blue I used Scalecoat AT&SF #24 Blue . When Scalecoat II became available both these colors were also produced in Scalecoat II. I continue to use these Scalecoat colors as my standards for painting N&W equipment today.

We need to have N&W standard paints/colors for the following?

Passenger Red
Roof Brown
Pevler Blue
Cab (caboose) Red
MofW Green
MofW Gray

So why couldn't the N&WHS Modeling Committee evaluate currently available model railroad paints and select a best matching color for each N&W color and make these the N&WHS, N&W standard colors for modeling? We could then provide these to model manufactures………. and likewise individual modelers wers would have the knowledge to use them for custom painting.

I'm sure there would still be individuals who wouldn't be happy for one reason of the another about the specific colors chosen…..but aat least there would be standards and could optimistically look forward to color consistency from model manufacturers in the future.

Ed Painter, Narrows, VA living in Russellville, AR

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As you stated, you supplied the photo of a freshly painted M1, is the color of the roof supposed to be brown or black?
Did DP get it correct according to your photo?

Second, if you are referring to me about needing a blue version of a BEj, you should have read my post. I need a blue version of a BMj

If one is painting an N&W blue locomotive, most modelers use C&O blue, SF blue, B&O blue, or dark blue. Please note! All of these blues are very close in the spectrum. The reds that our society wants to consider acceptable are at one end of the red spectrum to the other. It is common sense that we as a society can at least narrow the red spectrum. The DP cars are on the far end of the spectrum of maroon/red/pink. There will always be personal choices of shades of red as there are shades of the blue mentioned above. As for a paint committee, isn’t that what the model committee is responsible for also? Paint is part of the model.

What do you suggest to be done for the next car by DP?

I expect variations from manufacturers to manufacturers. If we can get the blues schemes close to each other, why can’t we get the reds and be happy that they’re just close together? As far as the lighting of my photos of the models, they were taken outside in natural light. The DP photos are poor examples of the model showing shadows from dark to light. One last thing, remember I stated that the color was my take on the model. Other people are certainly allowed to like or dislike it as they please.

Stephen Rineair

Ed: you stated the obvious regarding the color of the red. The photo I supplied DP was of an M1 freshly painted. What red DP choose to paint the car is their business. If anyone wants to see the M1 models in a properly lit photo go to www.DivisionPoint.com<http://www.DivisionPoint.com>. There are two photos of the painted models under the N&W heavyweight pass. car listing. Also if someone is looking for a blue version of a BEj photo one can be found on page 5 of Jim Nichols book - N&W Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment. Any serious N&W modeler will have a copy of Jim's book and would have known that a photo of the BEj was within. Also railway postal cars did not have "venetian blinds" but were required to have barred windows account the carrying of certified mail containing cash and other valuables. Harold Davenport
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