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>I'd like a model version of the red that the N&W put on their

>passenger cars. Not what so-and-so thinks looks right, or what it

>looks like in the morning sun, or after being faded for 7 months.

>Just what they put on their passenger cars in the shop. Anything

>other than that is just opinion.

Everything, including YOUR opinion, is just that: opinion.

If you were repainting the original equipment, then paint today would
NOT be the same as paint used then. Processes change, even if
chemistry does not. I suspect someone with an opinion similar to
yours would find that the paint used then applied to a 1:1 scale car
today would look wrong and the fix would be simple, or cut and dried.

Perception is incredibly important, and so is attitude. I'm really
sorry, but that won't change because you want it to change.

I have seen an HO scale B&O F3 painted with paint drawn from a
leftover original paint storage container that was sealed against
oxidation. You can't get any more "true" to the prototype than that,
right? The thing looked black except under a photo flood light and
then it looked like the darkest navy blue. Show me ANY photo or
extant prototype of a B&O that looks that dark in any light. You
will not find it.

So people are just going to have to deal with others' perceptions and
opinions as valid unless they volunteer to BE the modeling
committee. It may sound harsh, but I've seen this kind of debate in
every modelers' forum and historical society of which I have been a
member. The color under discussion varies, but rarely the opinions
or arguments.

Warmest regards,

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