Paint Madness

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Sat Oct 17 22:39:46 EDT 2009

What would a Paint Committee need? Color calibrators for eyes, and
skin thicker than rhino hide. Steve, you are asking "who accredits
the committee, and on what basis?" I suspect there is nobody here
foolish enough to step into those crosshairs.

Seriously, I suggest that the best outcome would be to identify a
RANGE of appropriate shades or mixes for each of the N&W's nominal
"standard colors". Something to the effect of "For N&W Passenger
Red, Scalecoat #XXX is at the light end, Testors #YYY is in the
middle, MudGoo #ZZZ is at the dark end. Choose as you wish. Your
Mileage May Vary."

Gaining a consensus more precise than that is probably impossible.
This approach also provides some guidance to the individual modeler
who wants to have some variation in their fleet in order to
reasonably represent the inarguable fact of real-world weathering.

Of course, I'm just a VGN guy, what do I know? Black hoppers, yellow
stripes on Train Masters, red cabooses, and the occasional brown
boxcar. Ah, it's modeling bliss. :)

Blessed in my Ignorance
- Marty Swartz

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