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I stated this before but I'll repeat my opinion since it's come up for discussion again.

I'd like a model version of the red that the N&W put on their passenger cars. Not what so-and-so thinks looks right, or what it looks like in the morning sun, or after being faded for 7 months. Just what they put on their passenger cars in the shop. Anything other than that is just opinion. It seems like this should be a very cut-and-dry issue. What's the color that they used? If somebody doesn't like that color and wants to use something else, then by all means they're allowed to.

Looking from my mail archives, here's what I've gathered. We could probably also ask Spencer what they used to paint their Redbird.

From Gary Rolih (1/23/08): "I do have the reference for the Tuscan Red specified for the SD40 and C30-7’s that were painted in Tuscan. This isDUCO 282-93520 Tuscan Red which is an automotive/industrial paint code. The Modeling Committee was formed recently- just short of a year- and has a project list that it is working on. Paint and paint formulas is something for the future. But, they need time to work on the priorities from their project list. They are volunteers, too. "

From Rodney (no last name): "If you go back and look at past emails, I reported a while back that The State Historic Library Division of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency has a set of Pullman Company Drift Control Color Cards. They supposedly contain the following colors:
Norfolk & Western Roof Brown #70-96 (described as darker than IC Brown #70-28)
Norfolk & Western Tuscan Red # 70-91 (described as lighter than PRR Tuscan Red # 70-18)
Norfolk & Western Blue # 70-133 (described as redder than MoPac blue # 70-132)"

From Richard Shell of ShellScale:

Here is a list of N&W colors taken from various painting diagrams and blueprints.

1776 Blue Poly... Dupont 826, 24160U
1776 Red Dupont 29198U
1776 White Dupont 508U
1776 Yellow Dupont 54701U
Pevler Blue Model Master BLUE ANGEL BLUE is supposed to be a good match - have not verified.

Brian Dembinski

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Yes, you could start there, but the lack of a color chip is not the problem. As I have said before, the basic problem has to do with the subjective perception of what shade looks too light or too dark on a model. In my experience, most of the factory painted models have been too dark. (Bachmann and now DP are the exceptions. To me, they are a bit too light, although I would prefer that rather than “too dark.” Again, it is a subjective decision, and no modeling committee would be able to satisfy everyone.) Jim Nichols

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What about the "color card" someone mentioned at the pullman archives. Wouldn't this be a good place to start?


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Jim is right as is Bill McClure. The best that a paint committee can do is provide a model standard color to manufacturers so, hopefully, the models all have a similar color. It may or may not be prototypical- and it shouldn’t be due to lighting differences from sunlight to indoor lighting. Is this what the modeling community is seeking? What do you think?

Gary Rolih
Secretary N&WHS


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