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Stephen: If the ends are black, the roof would be black. DP appears to be trying to compensate for the fact that highlight makes a black roof look gray, but they got it a little too light to my taste.

As for the blue BMj, I don’t know what you are looking for, but the BMj’s were off the roster 15 years before the first N&W passenger car was painted blue. (They were the ex-PRR cars they bought in 1934). Also, most of the BM’s above BMf had been converted to full baggage-express use by the time of the blue cars (no change in doors, but removal of the RPO apartment), so I doubt that any N&W BM of any class ever got painted blue. You sure you aren’t looking for a blue BEj? Jim Nichols


As you stated, you supplied the photo of a freshly painted M1, is the color of the roof supposed to be brown or black?

Did DP get it correct according to your photo?

Second, if you are referring to me about needing a blue version of a BEj, you should have read my post. I need a blue version of a BMj

Stephen Rineair


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Just wondering, where did you buy your M1 for $396? Thanks, John


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For those that are waiting for a correct N&W Class BEj Baggage Car (Nos. 110-124) I would recommend waiting for Division Point.

The Rail Classic N&W BEj is a very poor rendition of the car so I dumped my after realizing all the problems. The Division Point car should sell around the same price of $396 as the M1 RPO.

I have not received my M1’s yet and will give all my take on the red. I just hope they are not the hideous red as the Bachman passenger red.


Another heads up for the O scale VGN modeler. Sunset is doing the VGN AE 2-10-10-2 the end of this year.

The O Scale N&W K2a Streamlined is due early 2010.


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