Division Point N&W passenger cars BEj

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To my eye, that is not a bad shade of red. I think I see what they are
trying to do with the roof color, but it is a little too light. Easily
changed! And the battery box covers would have been red if the ends were
red, but black for them came with the black end era.(mid to late '50's) The
Rail Classic car is far too dark. If I were to repaint any of the three,
that is the one I would repaint. And, yes, I am older than dirt. Most of
those other names Steve put out in a previous post are now dead, and they
were younger than me. But thanks for the compliment, Steve! Jim Nichols

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Attached is a photo of the DP M1 RPO in front of a Branchline car (back
left) and The Rail Classic car (BMj-back right).

I believe Jim Nichols would be the best person in our society to be most
accurate on color as his models are some of the best

Passenger cars I seen. Maybe our modeling committee should have put stock
in Jim's choice of color since he's older that dirt

And has seen the prototypes. Just kidding Jim (with smile).

Let's hear what other say about the photo.

Stephen Rineair

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