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Go to Divisionpoint.com. I spoke to Ken Friday, and he has 30 RPO's available. Order direct from them, $448.00 each. John

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I'm late getting into this string. Can you give me info on these cars - hopefully including photos ?

Thanks for your help. Have a happy day.

Neil K Yerger

audreyly at aol.com

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DP update.

By now dealers have received an invoice for the RPO car. The RPO was a "test" for the builder (a 1-1/2 person shop) who had not done any passenger cars before. In order to keep the builder from having to up-scale staff, and to give the end customers a break in this economy, cars will be produced a 3-month intervals. Up next is the baggage car and the business cars. BTW, the #101 business car in Tuscan has been added.
If anyone still needs RPO’s, I know where they are available, email me.
Stephen Rineair
crineair at fuse.net

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