Help with Steam Engine Decals

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Sat Jun 13 19:45:13 EDT 2009

I have recently acquired a few engines and stripped, aligned and
painted them only to find that I had only one set of decals. I model
the pre-WWII era and have a need for up to 20 sets of the old Champ
BRH-46 set they originally released in 1991. The Microscale decals I
had have disintegrated, and the Walthers set is mostly wrong. I don't
want to use Duluxe Yaller either. I have a W-2 and M as well as a
Y5, and a pile of Powerhouse Y3's to repaint and decal. The
Powerhouse bodies need a 4-5 day soak in Lacquer thinner to get the
paint off but under that is fairly crisp detail.

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the 1930's

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