P2K GP30 speed?

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The Athearn web site shows that they'll be producing 1627, 1632, and 1635 correctly had a high hood. 1625-1635 were N&W's only High Hood SD-40-2's. The remaining 1600 series SD-40-2's (1636-1652) and all the 6073's and 6207' SD-40-2's were low hood. Just a bit too modern for my model railroad! It be nice to have a couple of high hood SD-40's in blue (as delivered from EMD).

Ed Painter; Narrows, VA currently living in Russelville AR

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Hi All,

Thanks for the many responses to my question. I failed to mention that I only have access to a DC layout and test track. The GP30 I bought is a DC only version; so I won't be changing any CV's. I've never had the shell off so I don't know what I have inside. Oh well I guess I'll have to buy another to match it or one heck of an expensive shell to put on another chassis.

As a side note I have one of the old GSB SD40-2's but it's never been out of the box so I don't know about how it runs.

Take care, John Hecker

P/S: Did you all see that Athearn is doing high hood SD40-2's in N&W? I saw this in their e-mail newsletter a few weeks ago...I can't hardly wait until the October release.
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