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Hallo Bob

I've just tried that. but 611 is still as dead as it ever was.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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Re: New Spectrum Bachmann J #611

MTH’s J requires pushing the function 3 button to activate it. Bachmann hasn’t started doing that, have they?

Bob Folsom

Clemson, SC

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Hi Barry,

This is a common feature of Bachmann in the US. Their Spectrum line Locos are very hit or miss, sometimes they run great, sometimes they don't work at all right out of the box and have to be returned. I have several that run fine, (a couple of consolidations and a heavy mountain) but, I belong to a 60+ member club and know some members hate their stuff. Bachmann is apparently much more highly regarded in Europe than it is here. The Spectrum line, even thou it's Bachmanns top of the line, is only just a step above starter level IMHO. I wouldn't buy Bachmann if there was an alternative. But even Broadway can send out problem locos. Two of my five BLI locos (an A and a Y6b) had to be returned for factory service.


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I received my Bachmann J last week from Internet Hobbies. DCC ready and looking very good and of course for a UK resident, very big. But it is totally dead. Nothing works, no movement, no lights and no sound at all.

Is this a common feature with the Bachmann Spectrum range or am I unlucky?


Barry Reeves


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