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As to Chinese production, it is not their policy to include process control
or quality control on the mass-production line. They see this as an
additional expense rather than nonconformance-to-requirements being a cost
that can be eliminated or minimized. Therefore, many of the models have
defects in them right off of the line. These are shipped with the
expectation that some will be returned and replaced with a new, presumably
working, model taken off of the line.

Roughly 5% of the product shipped won't work out of the box. But, you got a
cheap model by getting it manufactured in China.

Chances are that you have a simple problem of power not getting into the
model somewhere at or just down-stream of the electrical power pick-up.

Gary Rolih



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I received my Bachmann J last week from Internet Hobbies. DCC ready and
looking very good and of course for a UK resident, very big. But it is
totally dead. Nothing works, no movement, no lights and no sound at all.

Is this a common feature with the Bachmann Spectrum range or am I unlucky?


Barry Reeves




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