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I'm sure you meant 16", right? According to a response over on the
Southern list, the Spectrum throw is a scale 13.5" It seems rather
common to me to see reduced stroke in models - possible to deal with
over-sized crossheads and other related parts?


Are you sure about the valve gear thing? I suppose it would make sense
for something like a Joy VG, but most gears had their own eccentric,
separate from the crank pin. The crank throw is important (for my
purpose at the moment, at least) because it determines the piston stroke.

Kenneth Rickman

NW Modeling List wrote:

> Measure from the center of the driver axle to the center of the crankpin

> screw. For either of those 2-10-2s that should be (measured with a

> scale rule) 32 inches.


> EdKing

NW Modeling List wrote:
> Marty
> The throw of the crank pin would be the distance from the centre of the
> axle to the centre of the crank pin hole. In a loco valve gear it is
> related to the movement of the valves in the steam chest above the
> pistons. Roughly, longer throw = greater movement of valves.
> That's how it works in the UK anyway(!)
> Barry Reeves

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