HO scale 2-10-2 information needed

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I didn't know Proto made a 2-10-2 - that might be interesting as well.
I've received an answer on the Spectrum version, but have not heard
anything on the IHC. As for the crank pin throw, it's the distance from
the center of the crank pin to the center of the axle. Ideal for my
purposes would be 15" (scale inches, of course), but it's hardly the
most critical dimension.

I'm fine with a direct response off list, as this has little to do with
the N&W, other than the faint possibility of using one of these as a
staring point for an M.

Thanks for your time,
Kenneth Rickman

NW Modeling List wrote:

> I have access to both a Spectrum and IHC 2-10-2 (and a Proto 2000 as

> well), and should be able to take a look at them Friday or Saturday. I

> do have one question: How do I determine the throw of the crank pin? I

> model steam, but will admit to being a layman with regards to some of

> the terminology. The driver diamater, powered axle, and driver spokes

> should be no problem. Do you prefer an answer through this list, or

> direct to your email address?


> Marty Flick

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