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You may want to add a few more. When we built our modules we lowered them
from the accepted specification standard in order to make them easier to
view by smaller children (the future of our hobby). But now, in our later
years, we find it difficult to "duck under" them in order to operate the trains
from inside the layout. In retrospect, benches for the children would have
been a better option.

Neil K. Yerger - former co-ordinator, Delaware Valley Tinplate Trackers,
Delaware Valley Hi-Railers.

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In reality the benchwork height that best fits you and your model railroad
should really come from analyzing the comments and logic different folks have
provided in all the related emails and looking at your situation. Perhaps
make a list of what elements or features that you want in some order of
priority and includ aesthetics. As some have pointed out……what height looks good
in a 32X25 railroad building or basement wouldn't necessarily look good in a
standard room or a room integrated with furniture and such. Below are some
of the points I would consider. You may wish to add additional ones. The
priority and weight of each would purely be your individual preference.
· Aesthetics
· Ease/access to build
· Ease/access to maintain
· Underneath Storage
· Ease/access run/operate trains
· Access relative to safety from pets and children
· Level or elevation of viewing desired
· Ability to disassemble for moving
Ed Painter - Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, AR

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I have a double-deck layout in my basement. I installed a drop ceiling at a
level that would cover all the mechanicals and ductwork. It came out at 6’9”
. My staging sits right on top of cantilevers 32” above the floor, and the
lower level subroadbed averages around 6” above that. The upper deck
cantilevers are 24” above the lower ones putting them at 56”. The upper deck
subroadbed sits 3” above the cantilevers on average. I’m 5’11” and can reach
manually operated switches easily on the upper deck.

Bob Folsom

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Hello All

A topic sure to get a varied response (!); what do y'all feel is the optimal
height for benchwork? Kalmbach book says 38". Specific application is a
(mostly) shelf layout. Ceiling height is a bit limited, about 6'6" (remodeled

Any thoughts welcome!

Ed Svitil


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