DCC Decoder with a Class J whistle?

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Mon Mar 16 22:21:29 EDT 2009

It is available and I'm told that I have them on the way to me. Another
NWHS member and I were at Soundtraxx school last August and heard some of them.
I asked for N&W sound samples for Soundtraxx, after that on both of the N&W
lists and got no response, so I sent what I could get my hands on, (weren't
the best).
Rick Bell

N&W Class J No. 611
N&W Class A No. 1218
Crosby 3-Chime
Lunkenheimer 3-Chime
Southern Railway Single Chime
Southern Railway 3-Chime
Tweetsie Whistle (ETW&NC No. 12)

Part No. 826121, $119.00 suggested retail.

I have not heard any of these, and do not know if this decoder is yet

On another note, since N&W did not operate the A and J class locos on the
Shenandoah Valley line, what whistle would be appropriate for the K-2
streamlined locos? Is it the same as used in the Class J? I've got several old
Key brass locos to work on, and I might was well put sound in them too!

Thanks for any and all

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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