Powhatan Arrow set - MTH HO announced

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Woohoo! I agree the color doesn't look right but still, if I can get a mostly accurate 5-car set for under $350 that's great news for the hobby! I'm slightly curious if MTH contacted the society for help on these. I'm definitely not an expert but the cars look to be a good representation. We'll see if the fact it's MTH turns anybody away but not me. I'm excited! Must be time to start working on that new layout. Thanks for pointing this out Mike!

Brian Dembinski

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Sorry if I missed this, but I have been away from the mailing list for a year. I recently noticed MTH is doing the Arrow in HO as shown in their new catalog? This inspired me to open my N&W folder in my email and see what folks were saying about the new project, but I didn't see anything as far back as January.

It is going to bring up the passenger color question, for certain. I would love to hear a comment from some of those who remember the passenger cars in real life. My belief is that they were more of a tomato soup red, like this:


The models in the catalog are kind of compromised between a reddish-maroon and a brownish-maroon.

The cars are skirted - does this mean the diner car should still be a heavy-weight? I don't know when the skirts were removed (53?) and the streamlined diner entered service?

The aluminim window frames are very nice looking. I wish there were views of the opposite sides of some of the cars... the diner and coach, in particular.

Here is a PDF copy of the new catalog:


The Arrow set is displayed on pages 20 & 21

The P4 seems to match the pics on VT site perfectly. Here are 2 views that look like perfect matches to the P4 model:


Mike Rector

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