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I have worked with, consulted, and been on the ground up on projects from HO, O and G -1/32 scale.
I have an extensive back ground, as I retired a the age of 50 years, which I missed my goal by 5 years.
Our friend at Aristo Craft has also written the pros and cons of the model business and discussed the frustrations.
It is also very much common sense when you compare what you say your investor would like to do
and what other G scale manufactures are actually doing. A high school student could see that{ one if he could read}.
Again, I wish him well, but we all know better. I sure do not wish to put a fire hose on some one who is willing to spend $ $ $ >
I sure would like a N&W M in 1/32 scale. Just for the shake of it all- Name one G scale articulated locomotive under &1000.

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At these suggested prices the models cannot be of any good quality. The "Scale" scale is 1/32.

MTH makes a good scale 1/32 product, if your source can follow these premises then you may have something, but they will not
be at the prices you quoted far from it! The HO market is reaching those prices, how in the world does he think a G scale product
would be when they a double their size. I so not think your investor is living in reality. I wish him well, but this will not happen.

Stephen Rineair

What experience do you have in actually designing, manufacturing, importing and distributing a product that leads you to say this? Also, are you the propietor of Track 2 Hobbies?
Robb Fisher


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