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> Looks like you'll be stuck with a G 2-8-0, since Geeps were more than

> 50' long.


> EdKing

NW Modeling List wrote:
> Hi Kenneth;
> Diesel doesn't work on the N&W before 1955.
> A class M 4-8-0 would be a good candidate for you, watch e-bay for a
> model - brass only so far. I am hopping that Bachman will do one in
> their Spectrum line since 475 is a Strasburg.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4-8-0_475
> Nigel F Misso, PE
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/nigelmisso

So much for my hopes of using a T-6. :)

Here's my problem. I built a Free-Mo module as a switching
puzzle/interesting industry. I now wish to include it in my layout as
an N&W interchange. The trouble is that there's not room for a long
loco on the module. If I turn it one way, I have 7" while leaving room
for one 40' car. If I turn it the other way, I have 5.75" to clear a
switch. At the other end, I have to pull an interchange track, and have
7" while leaving room for the 3 cars that will fill the interchange.

Personally, I would LOVE an M or G class as power, but is there room? I
could possibly make an extension for the module which would add a couple
inches, and simply restrict the interchange to 2 cars. How long were
the M and G class engines, with tenders?

Yes, I know that I should build the layout to suit the era and equipment
I like, but the module is already built and I like it. Modeling is all
about compromises, so I'm asking the group's help in figuring out the
best compromise to make.

I'll happily send my proposed track plan, if anyone is interested. Feel
free to contact me off-list.

Thanks again,
Kenneth Rickman - krickman1 at carolina.rr.com
Salisbury, NC

If at first you don't succeed, use a bigger hammer!

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