local power?

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Mon Dec 29 15:27:19 EST 2008

First of all, that you to all the folks that helped with my question
about the Pumpkin Vine around Martinsville, A.

As I continue to plan for my railroad empire, I find I'll have an N&W
local interchanging cars with my railroad. That leaves me wondering
what sort of locomotives would be appropriate. I'm modeling 1952-53,
with the potential to backdate to 1943 or so. Ideally, I can justify a
locomotive not more than 50' long, since I've literally modeled myself
into a corner and have no room for a longer engine. Unless the N&W used
some VERY short steam engines on locals, I am assuming that I'm stuck
with diesel power.

Any advice, comments, etc. would be appreciated and put to good use.
Kenneth Rickman - krickman1 at carolina.rr.com
Salisbury, NC

If at first you don't succeed, use a bigger hammer!

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