Merry Christmas from closer to the Bristol line

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Thu Dec 25 16:34:01 EST 2008

Hello all:
Merry Christmas to all who make the NWHS the fine group that it is. Thanks to all who make it so.
Haven't been as big a loudmouth on the list this year because much of 2008's been spent relocating myself closer to my beloved Bristol line. I figured if Ben Blevins moved farther away from it; heck, I should move a bit closer.
By closer, I mean that Atlanta, Ga.'s a few hundred miles closer to Bristol than my old home of St. Louis, Mo. We moved to the Peach State in April and the last of our junk (almost) arrived here a couple weeks ago.
Our new place is betwixt the old Southern Rwy. main and a CSX line. Gotta love 5-chime horns if you live in Georgia, I guess. Not at all like the 3-chimes Union Pacific favored back home (of course I probably won't hear the 844 or 3985 whistling through every blue moon, though).
Best wishes to all for 2009.
Andre Jackson

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