Drawings of N&W Cantilever Bridge (Signals)

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I don't have any N&W cantilever signal bridges but I do have Pennsy cantilever diagrams. some are pretty close to the image that in the photo. you might try S-432 for the decking. A large library of Pennsy equipment is on http://prr.railfan.net/signalstandards/standards.cgi. It's quite a large libraray to look through and by the look in the photo a lot of the equipment would tranfer nicely.

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> Subject: Drawings of N&W Cantilever Bridge (Signals)

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> Does anyone happen to have good drawings of the N&W

> cantilever bridge? (neither of the society's Signal

> booklets have this).


> This is pretty essential for my layout. This is the one

> I'm talking about:


> http://spec.lib.vt.edu/imagebase/norfolksouthern/full/ns1416.jpeg


> Thanks!


> Mark Peele

> Catonsville, MD




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