N&W RS-3 No. 300 Decals

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The Microscale set has two sizes of lettering. You should be able to piece
the RS3 from the smaller set. I have not measured to see if the larger set
can be pieced to fit the GP9, but it is worth a try. Jim Nichols

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> The lettering on the GP9s looks like the same lettering used on the S1

> steamer tenders, but the letters are a little closer together spacing

> wise. This could probably be put together from the MicroScale steam loco

> set.


> But the RS3 lettering is a different animal. It looks like they used the

> same stencils as on the tender of this M2:


> http://spec.lib.vt.edu/imagebase/norfolksouthern/full/ns784.jpeg


> I can't remember if the Microscale steam set covers this style of tender

> lettering.


> Mark Peele

> Catonsville, MD






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