HO Scale Passenger Car Question

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Stephen: In that case, you may be happier with the IHC coach. The window arrangement is closer to a P3 (even considering the rifle slot windows) and you get a much nicer diaphragm. The AHM(Rivarossi) car has too many windows, and they are a little taller than they should be. I assume your P1, PM and D1 are AMB laser kits. Have you ever considered making your own sides out of sheet styrene? I will be doing a clinic on this at the Roanoke convention next year. Jim NicholsTo: NW Modeling List
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I will be doing the non skirted era, so the skirts are coming off.
Also I will be custom painting and lettering my own, so I will be stripping them.
All I need now are P3 coaches, as of now I have the P1, PM, D1, S1, and S2.

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