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Did a search on Roanoke Rails and turned up this info: Company- Jay6b
Contact Name- Sam Putney
Phone- (540)772-2949

Don't know if it will help any but I did the search today.
Royal Stanley
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Sorry to repeat, but my earlier reply got short circuited somewhere along the line. Does anyone know the price and how do you go about ordering them? My hobby shop here in Richmond says they haven't been available for years and are out of production. Thanks for all of the replies!


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Roanoke Rails used to be a hobby shop in Roanoke owned and run by Sam
Putney. A number of years ago Sam produced the laser-cut N&W Station
kit. While the hobby shop is no longer operating, Sam continues to
sell the kits under his Roanoke Rails name.

Ron Davis

At 10:53 PM 11/11/2008, you wrote:

>I've been tracking a N&W Station laser kit on eBay produced by

>American Model Builders for something called Roanoke Rails. Can

>anyone tell me what Roanoke Rails is and anything about the kit

>itself? Thanks!



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