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The Roanoke Rails model, produced for them by American Model Builders,
represents the N&W Standard Station No. 2. These were board and batten
construction and a combination station design.

It has a smaller footprint than the Standard Combination Station which is
shown in the N&W Standards Book offered by NWHS.

I believe copies of the plans for both these designs have been offerings
from the archives through the NWHS Commissary.

The Roanoke Rails kits builds into a nice structure. It was a very early
effort in the genre of laser kit offerings; but the basic construction
methods are the same as "current" laser kit offerings.

The square chimney casting included with the kit is just a stock casting
offered by AMB. The chimney on the actual N&W depots of this design was
much more rectangular. You can use what is provided or build your own

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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> Paul Locher said "I've had one for a while but I'm just building

> it now. It is a great kit.


> What style is it? I'd like to see photos off-line.


> If anyone wants to undertake building an accurate model of Boyce, I'd be

> willing to purchase it when completed.


> Thanks,


> Frank Scheer

> f_scheer at yahoo.com


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