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> Great info. I can add that prior to the mid 1970s, hardly

> any ex-Wabash or

> ex-NKP units ever wandered onto "old" N&W

> rails (VA/WV) in mainline service



> Maybe an exception, but on March 6, 1965, N&W had a

> head-on

> collision at the end of double track - MP 239 east of

> Montvale.

> No. 92 - Engs 1011-774-819-368 and 3473 - had topped Blue

> Ridge and was in the vicinity of Villamont when the crew

> realized that there was a brake problem. An emergency

> application had no effect. Dispatcher R. E. Williams at

> Crewe had arranged to hold No. 92 at the end of double

> track

> to meet Extra 696 West. As No. 92 approached the stop

> signal at 60 MPH, brakeman C. C. Cook positioned

> himself between the trailing unit, 3473, and the first car

> in

> the train and parted the air hose, then opened the angle

> cock. Only then did an emergency application occur, but

> it was too late and there was a side collision with Extra

> 696 West. Although the crew thought they got a bona

> fide brake test at Shaffers Crossing, investigation

> revealed that

> the angle cock on 3473 in the OPEN position would have

> been

> in the CLOSED position for N&W units.

> Harry Bundy


Very cool info - thanks!

This is the first I've ever heard of a F unit on old VA/WV rails (I was secretly hoping a story would pop up!)

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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